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NFL: Nerve Flow Level Dopps Chiropractic: Our family bringing health to your family for over 40 years!

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From Instagram: NFL Nerve Flow Level

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NFL: Nerve Flow Level

NFL: Nerve Flow Level

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#thoughtoftheweek || With the kick off of professional football last night, it makes me wonder who’s team are we on. The innate intelligence that flows through our body is like the QB, calling all of the shots and modifying all the plays. With lower amounts of interference, or subluxations, your QB is allowed to perform better and your bodies function is victorious! Interceptions, turnover and an occasional fumble can occur when we go against the bodies healing processes, inhibiting it from doing what it was designed to. Get adjusted and stand behind your QB, letting him call the game. #getadjusted #chiroblog #chalkaboutchiropractic #drdopps #doppschiro #adio

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