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The Pain Stops at Dopps

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#thoughtoftheweek || #health is about having an abundance of life in your body. Think about it, if 0% life is death and 100% LIFE is health, then 50% life must be some level of sickness or disease. Life flows in one direction, from Above Down Inside Out, it never comes from outside in and below upward (the path of medication). #chiropractic is about increasing the flow of LIFE through your body. Allowing you to express more of the good stuff!! #adio #getadjusted #drdopps #wichita #chiroblog

Serving Wichita with 11 different, independently owned offices.

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The Pain Stops at Dopps! With multiple locations in and around the Wichita metroplex, Dopps Chiropracitc is the clear choice for many Kansans.