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Car Accidents and the Lasting Effects Dopps Chiropractic: Our family bringing health to your family for over 40 years!

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Car Accidents and the Lasting Effects

The Pain Stops at Dopps
Auto Accidents

Auto Accidents, whiplash and the lasting effects

Auto Accidents: This Strategy Will Ensure Healing that Really Gives You…

Peace of mind. Ultimately that’s what you really want after all of the hassle of a car accident. You’re okay, so are your loved ones and now you want to make sure you’re not only okay now but that you’re as healed as possible and feeling great for a lifetime.

You probably didn’t know that research shows that 5 mph, low impact car accidents can increase future risk of pain and neurological conditions such as chronic headaches, fibromyalgia, and even severe conditions like MS. That’s a scary prospect and one that’s easily avoided!

Whiplash associated disorders consist of many painful soft tissue problems including sprained ligaments, strained muscles and scar tissue formation. These tissue changes create laxity in the spinal joints allowing them to easily misalign. This puts the spinal nerves and cord in danger and creates neurological problems and chronic pain over time.

With 15 years experience, the best/latest technology, and an extremely comfortable environment, you’ll love your care with Dopps Chiropractic. The first goal with motor vehicle accident care is pain relief. Strategies that help you feel better as fast as possible are implemented day one! First, we take a detailed history of what happened to you in the accident. The exam process includes x-rays which are extremely valuable to rule out serious injuries like torn ligaments or broken bones. A neurological, reflex, and physical exam tell us exactly what kind of care to apply to get you healed and feeling better ASAP. These therapies include spinal adjustments to keep alignment and ensure proper healing while the ligaments can tighten back up. Muscle work, massage, and mobilizing traction to keep spasm down, reduce inflammation and keep you out of pain.

Our billing experts work directly with your insurance company and even have relationships with attorney’s who will consult with you at no charge to make sure you’re protected and at peace through the stressful process of putting things back together, including your body.

All this is creates a successful and rapid recovery with long lasting health benefits that are vital to a long comfortable life. If you’re in an accident, call us today, we’re here to help—with the best care possible.

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