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Building Immunity: The Chiropractic Connection

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From time to time a patient may call our office to say, “I am sick!  I don’t want to pass the germs around.  Should I still come in for my adjustment?”  to which we respond, “Of course!  In fact, you should come in to feel better, sooner.”  And here’s why.

Chiropractic & The Nervous System

Chiropractors adjust the spine that remove nerve interference.  This nerve interference is called a subluxation and is usually caused by one (or a combination) of the Three T’s (1): trauma (physical), thoughts (emotions, stress) or toxins (food chemicals, environmental toxins).  Chiropractic focuses on removing that interference, allowing the central nervous system to function at its full capacity.

Chiropractic adjustments have been proven to regulate the autonomic nervous system. The nervous system (the brain, spinal cord and nerves to name a few key components) controls almost every other system, serving as the method of “communication” from our brain to our body; therefore, when this system is not functioning properly, the negative effects can run rampant.  It is for this same reason that when patients come in to treat a specific complaint, they often find other issues resolving due increased nerve system function.  (There are many reasons families choose to explore chiropractic treatment. Read more here (2) about how chiropractic care for children has been proven to help with conditions such as seizures, night terrors, ADD, ADHD, asthma, ear infections, colic and more.)

The Nervous System & The Immune System

The nervous system and the immune system are intrinsically linked.  When the nervous system detects damage or infection for example, it employs the immune system to get to work to heal and repair the body.  However, a faulty and sluggish nervous system will not alert the immune system, leaving the door open for sickness and potentially long-term illness.

Does Chiropractic Really Help Boost Immunity?

Research continually shows the link between chiropractic adjustments and a healthy, strong immune system:

  • Those who received regular chiropractic adjustments for 5 years had 200% increased immunity over those who did not. (3)
  • In a study (4) measuring the level of enzymes that increase the body’s ability to develop resistance to hazardous environmental exposures, it was discovered that healthy patients had 2 times the amount of enzymes as the seriously ill patients, but that patients receiving regular chiropractic adjustments had 2 times the amount of enzymes as the healthy patients.
  • A separate study (4) revealed that HIV positive patients receiving chiropractic adjustments showed a 48% boost in the presence of CD4 cells (cells that are attacked in a person with HIV).

Prepare your body for cold and flu season with regular chiropractic adjustments. Your immune system will thank you!

To learn more about how regular chiropractic treatment can help boost your immunity, contact our office at (773) 348-6908 to schedule an appointment with one of our chiropractors.

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