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Turtle Posture and Chiropractic


The Pain Stops at DoppsYou may not realize the dangerous effects of sitting. More specifically, sitting like a turtle. If turtle were sitting at a computer, it would look like you do hunched over your computer. Turtle Neck Posture or Forward Head Posture is becoming increasingly common and could even be called Smart Phone Posture […]

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Hockey Players Up Their Game With Chiropractic

The Pain Stops at DoppsIf you’ve ever seen a hockey game, in person or on TV, you’ve definitely witnessed bodies smashed, heads rattled and necks whipped left and right. If you’re a chiropractor like Dr. Ryan Dopps, you think, “That guy needs an adjustment!” From 2009-2014, Dr. Dopps served as the team chiropractors for the […]

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Athletes Benefit From Chiropractic

The Pain Stops at DoppsMost of us would like to be more active. We might never feel the weight of gold medal as the national anthem plays, but we can definitely take steps to achieve personal goals in fitness and athletics. One can assume that to run a half marathon for the first time, you […]

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