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Comparing Treatments for Shoulder Complaints

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Shoulder Pain and Chiropractic Care

Shoulder Pain and Chiropractic Care

This is a comparison of Physiotherapy, Manipulation, and Corticosteroid Injection for Treating Shoulder Complaints in General Practice: A Randomized, Single Blind Study

198 patients with shoulder complaints were divided into two diagnostic groups: 58 in a shoulder girdle group and 114 into a synovial group. Patients in the shoulder girdle group were randomized to manipulation or physiotherapy and patients in the synovial group were randomized to corticosteroid injection, manipulation or physiotherapy. In the shoulder girdle group, the duration of complaints was significantly shorter after manipulation compared to physiotherapy. The number of patients reporting treatment failure was less with manipulation. In the synovial group duration of complaints was shortest after corticosteroid injection compared with manipulation and physiotherapy. (Note: either G.P.s or physiotherapists performed the manipulations).

Sobel JS, Winters JC, Groenier K, Arendzen JH, Meyboom de Jong B. British Medical Journal 1997 (May 3);314 (7090): 1320-1325

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