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A Landmark Clinic Is Moving

The Pain Stops at Dopps

Dopps Chiropractic Clinic, LLC has been one of the largest chiropractic clinics in the country and it is a homegrown business of Wichita.  Dopps Chiropractic Clinics were started with one clinic in East Wichita in 1976.  Dr. Brad Dopps was the first Dr. Dopps, D.C. but many more would soon follow in what would become many individual clinics with a common thread, all owned by a Dr. Dopps.  Although the clinics are independently owned and operated the name resonates in every circle where chiropractic is mentioned.

The Dopps Clinic located at 5119 E Kellogg Drive has been a landmark clinic which was owned by Brian, John and Brad Dopps.  Thousands of patients have sought care at this clinic since it is one of the largest and most visible clinics in the community.  There have been many other collaborative clinics that were sponsored by Dopps over the past 40 years. In total more than 45 chiropractic clinics have operated under the Dopps name.

As clinics mature there are sometimes restrictions on space.  When this occurs, it is good to branch out and start new activity in areas where patient access and needs are better served.  The clinic at 5119 E Kellogg has reached this turning point.  Though all the Doctors and staff are relocating to different areas, within the metro area, all are staying in the profession.

Dr. Brad Dopps is moving into a facility located in West Wichita at 834 N Socora and will be sharing office space with Advanced Physical Therapy (APT).  APT is the region’s largest Physical therapy network and was co-founded in a collaborative effort with David Todd PT, Derry Larson CPA and Dr. Brad Dopps.  The new clinic will be called Advanced Chiropractic which will be a new name for Dr. Brad Dopps who has practiced under the Dopps name previously.  Although it is somewhat melancholy it is a good move for the practice of Dr. Brad and he is looking forward the expansion of his business model.

Dr. Brian has enjoyed his practice in Milton Kansas where he has a very active and successful practice.  His love for the country life and raising some of the finest miniature Hereford cattle in the country makes his visits to Wichita more difficult each year.  Dr. Brian will be focusing his attention on his clinic located in Suppesville, KS, his family and the associate clinics that he owns in partnership with Dr. Brad. Dr.  Brian and his wife and office manager Daydree do the lion’s share of managing those two suburban clinics.  The rural life fits Brian well and expanding into the rural areas of Kansas is something that comes naturally for him.

Dr. John is moving to a busy practice on the west side of Wichita, where he will be in practice with his brother Dr. Rob Dopps.  His new location will be 7130 Maple St, on the northeast corner of Maple and Ridge Road.  He is looking forward to helping his patients old and new in his new location.  Dr. John will also continue to pursue his second passion of selling used cars.

There were three associate doctors who practiced on East Kellogg as well.   Dr. Kevin Darden will be moving to a new location at 9235 E. Harry St.  Dr. Jerry DeGrado and Dr. Mike Stanley will be moving into a beautiful clinic located at 555 N. McLean Blvd.  This is a Dopps Clinic owned by Dr. Mark Dopps.  It is quite spectacular with a view overlooking the Arkansas River and Cow Town.  Their clinic is without a doubt one of the largest chiropractic clinics locally.  Dr. DeGrado will continue to serve on the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts, and as a consultant for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas.

It is a bittersweet end to a good partnership.    All of the Doctors and staff on East Kellogg would like to thank their patients and friends for the confidence and trust you placed in them.  They have witnessed first-hand thousands of success stories over the years and they feel blessed to have helped so many.  As none are leaving the profession they all plan to continue treating patients at their new locations.  Good Luck to Dr. Brad, Dr. John, Dr. Brian, Dr. Darden, Dr. DeGrado and Dr. Stanley as they continue to provide excellence in Chiropractic Care.

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